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Last Updated: Wednesday, 17 January 2007, 15:54 GMT
Government 'adding to house cost'
The CEF claimed government was addiing to costs
Government policy is adding to the rising cost of housing in Northern Ireland, a new report has claimed.

The Construction Employers Federation said that making developers pay charges for infrastructure was adding to the cost of building a house.

Builders fund new roads, lighting and water connections and environmental surveys.

The CEF said these charges amounted to more than 33,000 per house - 20% of the cost of an average new-build semi.

The report said builders should not have to pay for roads and lighting because these are for the benefit of the public.

It also claimed that planning delays are costing developers up to 3,500.

Their report will be sent to the government, which is currently seeking views on the issue of housing affordability in Northern Ireland.

No slowdown for NI house prices
16 Jan 07 |  Northern Ireland

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