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Attacks force ex-mayor to leave
Pat Ramsey and his family
Pat Ramsey and his family after one of the attacks on their home
An SDLP assembly member is to leave his home in the Bogside area of Londonderry following a spate of attacks on it.

The most recent attack on former mayor Pat Ramsey's house in Meenan Drive was in September of last year when a petrol bomb was thrown at it.

It was the 15th such incident, mainly blamed on dissident republicans.

He said he was sad at the move but there was only so much his family and neighbours could take. "These things take their toll on family," he said.

"Rather than put them through more difficulties of stress and pressure, unfortunately, it was time to make a fundamental decision to put closure on it."

Mr Ramsey said that the attacks had intensified after his party signed up to policing and participated in local District Policing Partnerships.

He said that every time they become more worrying and varied from hoaxes to petrol bombs being thrown.

"I have to be true to Chris (his wife) she has stood by me for so many years, I don't want to get too personal but I can't expect her to take any more," he said.

Another former mayor of Derry, the DUP's Joe Millar, said he and many others in the city knew what it was like to be driven out of the cityside to the Waterside.

"We've great sympathy for Pat and his family.

"That's one decent, honest, hard-working politician and I'm sure the Bogside is poorer for losing him."

Last July, the Army had to carry out a controlled explosion on a device which was later described as an elaborate hoax.

In 2004, Mr Ramsey's three-year old daughter was overcome by fumes after two hooded men ran into his office and sprayed a substance into the air.

Mr Ramsey is to move to the Waterside area of the city on the other side of the River Foyle.

Former mayor leaves Bogside home

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