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Call for end to internment fires
Fire scene
Debris left at the scene of the Divis Street fire
Nationalists in west Belfast are calling for an end to bonfires commemorating internment.

Residents groups are unhappy with the anti-social behaviour they say the fires attract.

Earlier this week, fire crews were attacked twice while dealing with blazes in Divis Street.

Robert McClenaghan, from the Falls Road Residents Association, called for parents to do more to stop children getting involved.

"Every other Catholic, nationalist, republican area of Belfast have stopped (building bonfires)," Mr McClenaghan said.

Robert McClenaghan
Robert McClenaghan said the bonfire tradition should end

"It's now time for the people of the Falls - that small minority who want bonfires, who are encouraging bonfires - to tell their children to stop and not engage in it anymore."

Mr McClenaghan said newly planted trees had been chopped down and tyres were being burned destroying the environment of the area.

Politicians and community workers in Londonderry have expressed similar concerns about internment bonfires.

However, some youths in the city have already begun collecting for the fires in August.

The bonfires are lit to commemorate the introduction of internment without trial of republican suspects introduced by the British government in 1971.

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