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Last Updated: Wednesday, 10 January 2007, 07:54 GMT
Belfast band is big in Qatar
The Jane Bradfords
The Jane Bradfords from Belfast are at number one in Qatar.
A band from Northern Ireland who few people have heard of are tickling the musical tastebuds of music fans in the Persian Gulf.

The Jane Bradfords from Belfast are at the number one spot in Qatar.

The oil rich state is the home of the satellite TV station Al Jazeera, which has turned its back on The Killers and Muse for an Irish sound.

Their track Hide From the Cold is topping the charts of Qatar Radio Service's Alternative Charts.

Lead singer and songwriter Declan Gallen said that the Doha-based radio station told him of their success

"I got in touch with a guy from QBS - the radio station - and he basically said we had been climbing the charts steadily so I was following it.

"It was just a complete surprise to see us suddenly sitting at the top spot," he told BBC Northern Ireland's Newsline programme.

Declan Gallen
Declan Gallen says success will not go to his head

The band - named after a character in a 1930s b-movie - only got together by chance in only two weeks last year to act as support for a visiting Canadian band.

While enjoying the success Declan said that they would not be letting it go to their heads.

"I don't think Snow Patrol have a lot to worry about yet but it is always flattering to know somewhere that somebody's liking your music," he said.


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