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Strummer song gets exclusive play
Joe Strummer
Joe Strummer died from a congenital heart defect
A previously unplayed track by Clash legend Joe Strummer is to be aired on BBC Radio Ulster's Late Show.

"Divorcing Jack" was written by the Clash singer for the film of the same name, but was never used.

Divorcing Jack author Colin Bateman had kept the recording secret until now, but the song will be played in a Late Show special dedicated to the singer.

Strummer, who had an undiagnosed congenital heart defect, died on 22 December 2002 aged 50.

Presented by Stuart Bailie, the programme will feature tributes from local fans and associates.

Stuart will also replay a vintage interview between himself and one of the great icons of punk rock.

"Joe Strummer has influenced me more than any other artist," he said.

"He made music that challenged you to be alive.

"He helped me to discover great reggae, folk and rhythm and blues.

"He gave me a moral compass and his music was the soundtrack to many amazing occasions. Any excuse and I'm there, talking up Joe's ever-growing reputation."

The Late Show with Stuart Bailie is on BBC Radio Ulster on Friday at 2200 BST.

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