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Last Updated: Thursday, 7 December 2006, 11:27 GMT
Devices search near PSNI station
The mortar tube was found at the rear of Brownlow Health Centre
Bomb remains were found in Craigavon on Tuesday
Police are investigating reports of a number of suspicious devices near Lurgan police station.

Searches are being carried out, but so far no devices have been found. The area around Church Place, in the town centre, has been cordoned off.

The PSNI appealed to anyone who found any suspicious objects not to touch them, but contact police immediately.

On Tuesday, bomb remains and a mortar tube were found close to Craigavon police station.

The mortar tube was found at the rear of Brownlow Health Centre across the road from the station. It had been aimed at the police station, according to the PSNI.

Police said the device, which they described as viable, was dealt with by Army bomb experts.

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