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Best family remember favourite son
George best
George Best died after a long battle with alcohol related illness
When George Best died one year ago this month, the world lost a sporting icon, a superstar and the man regarded by many as the greatest footballer ever.

The Best family lost a son and for the first time since his death, they talk candidly about their personal memories of him in a new BBC One Northern Ireland documentary.

To George With Love celebrates the life of one of the world's most talked about sports-stars through the observations of George's father, Dickie, his sister, Barbara, and brother-in-law, Norman.

The programme, narrated by Manchester United fan James Nesbitt, uses early photographic images alongside archive home-movie and television footage of the Belfast Boy and interviews with George's family.

'Down to earth'

Dickie Best proudly remembers the man who was nicknamed the fifth Beatle, as a "down to earth bloke".

He recalls how, when George was very young, he used to encourage him to use both feet when playing football and how he overcame his early home-sickness to become a Manchester United legend.

The Best family also recall what things were like in the family home as George shot to super-star status and how it affected their lives.

They also talk about the challenges they faced as George became front page news - not necessarily for all the right reasons.

The family talk frankly about dealing with George's battle with alcoholism and being by his bedside during his final hours in hospital.

Producer Ian Kennedy said the documentary was "really a family tribute to George".

"His immediate family give an intimate account of how they remember the boy and man they knew and grew up with," he said.

"The things that stand out are how proud they are of George and how they miss him."

To George With Love by Straight Forward Productions is on BBC ONE Northern Ireland on Monday 27 November at 2240 GMT.

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