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Last Updated: Friday, 10 November 2006, 13:13 GMT
Asbestos found on demolition site
Asbestos mask
Asbestos is a hazardous material
More than 50 sheets of asbestos have been found in plastic bags in Dundonald.

A businessman told the BBC's Nolan Show the potentially hazardous material was from a building demolished a year ago.

He said Castlereagh Borough Council officers had been to the Cumberland Road area on Monday and said specialists would have to remove it.

He said nothing was done to secure the site or put up warning signs and that children had been playing in it.

"I was shocked because I have been working beside this and as I say it has been left lying there for a year and it is right beside my shop," he said.

The Health and Safety Executive said they were investigating the matter and the Environment and Heritage Service said the asbestos would be moved to a licensed site.

The DUP's Iris Robinson said the council was not equipped to deal with asbestos and that it had only come to light on Monday.

Mrs Robinson said the council was not legally bound to move the asbestos and that in any event no council officer was trained to handle the substance.

The asbestos was removed on Friday afternoon.

Conor MacAuley reports from Dundonald

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