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Last Updated: Wednesday, 8 November 2006, 06:58 GMT
NI World War II website launched
Luftwaffe plain
The website examines Northern Ireland during the Blitz
A website focusing on how the Second World War affected people from Northern Ireland has been launched.

It will enable users to view resources that are held in Northern Ireland's museums and archives.

It features six learning packages, specially developed for teachers and school pupils.

These will examine the history of the war as it was experienced by people in Northern Ireland. The website address is: www.secondworldwarni.org

The six topics covered by the learning packages are:

  • Northern Ireland in the Blitz;
  • Londonderry's role in the Battle of the Atlantic;
  • The impact of the war on women in Northern Ireland;
  • Irish neutrality;
  • The Holocaust and Northern Ireland; and,
  • American Forces in Northern Ireland.
  • The site also includes information on how unprepared Northern Ireland was for the war and allows visitors to listen to men and women who experienced the war.

    It is produced by the Nerve Centre.

    Along with museums across Northern Ireland, the Public Records Office is a partner in the site and has enabled the inclusion of a collection of important archives.

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