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Last Updated: Tuesday, 31 October 2006, 17:24 GMT
Jobs go as charity cuts service
Phab NI
Phab NI's other services are not affected
An organisation which provides homes for people with physical difficulties has been forced to close part of its operation because of money problems.

It is believed about 40 staff will be made redundant following the closure of Phab NI's Independent Living centres, which house 65 tenants.

Phab NI said vandalism attacks and the high cost of security at its five homes had led to overwhelming money problems.

The charity will continue to provide its other services.

However, it is believed 40 people involved in the Supported People programme will be affected, and a day-care centre for children in north Belfast has closed.

Phab NI spokesman Archie McEvoy paid tribute to the "dedicated and capable staff".

He said they had been working with various agencies to ensure tenants could stay in their homes.

"We are confident that the residents will not have to move and that appropriate services will be provided to them," he said.

The Housing Executive said in a statement that its priority was "to make sure that ongoing services for existing clients will not be affected".

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