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Last Updated: Saturday, 28 October 2006, 14:08 GMT 15:08 UK
Irish police 'foil Real IRA plot'
Newry arson attack
The Real IRA was behind fire bombings in Newry
Irish police believe they have disrupted a bomb plot aimed at hurting the Northern Ireland political process.

The Republic's national broadcaster, RTE, reported the plot was aimed at disrupting the 24 November deadline for a deal on power sharing.

A large amount of explosives were found in Kilbranish, Mount Leinster, County Carlow on Friday night and made safe by Irish Defence Forces on Saturday.

It is believed the Real IRA were testing bombs in the area, RTE said.

A Defence Forces spokesman said the devices consisted of a gas cylinder packed with powdered explosives from shotgun pellets mixed with petrol.

Earlier this week it was reported that dissident republicans were preparing to launch a major gun or bomb attack in a bid to derail political talks.

Additional resources have been deployed to a number of areas across Northern Ireland by the Police Service of Northern Ireland to counter the threat.

A number of individuals have also been warned that they could be under threat.

Successive reports by the Independent Monitoring Commission have said that both the Real and Continuity IRA are recruiting members, trying to acquire weapons and identifying possible targets, including police officers and loyalist paramilitaries.

Earlier this year, the police intercepted a 250lb bomb in Lurgan, and also foiled a plot to import a large quantity of weapons, which included machine guns and ground to air missiles.

In recent months, there has been a series of firebomb attacks on commercial targets, a number of so-called punishment attacks and death threats have been issued.

Dissidents 'preparing to attack'
26 Oct 06 |  Northern Ireland

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