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NI's MPs claim 2m in allowances
Sinn Fein MPs do not take their parliamentary seats
Northern Ireland's 18 MPs claimed almost 2m in allowances last year, House of Commons figures have shown.

The 2005/06 payments show that, on average, Northern Ireland's MPs claimed just over 104,000 each.

The DUP's nine MPs claimed a total of just over 1.1m, while the SDLP's three representatives claimed 400,236.

Sinn Fein's five MPs, who do not take their seats at Westminster or accept a salary, claimed 200,000. The UUP's Lady Sylvia Hermon claimed 122,333.

DUP expenses
Ian Paisley 125,670
Peter Robinson 133,490
Nigel Dodds 146,451
Jeffrey Donaldson 152,722
Iris Robinson 130,184
Sammy Wilson 117,199
David Simpson 96,389
Gregory Campbell 139,014
William McCrea 106,238

Jeffrey Donaldson, the DUP's MP for Lagan Valley, claimed the most in allowances with a figure of 152,722.

Out of Northern Ireland's MPs who sit at Westminster, DUP Upper Bann MP David Simpson claimed the least expenses with a figure of 96,389.

Sinn Fein expenses
Gerry Adams 46,251
Martin McGuinness 42,613
Michelle Gildernew 40,898
Conor Murphy 38,910
Pat Doherty 38,049

MPs are paid a basic salary of 59,686 and a pension. Their allowances include office staffing costs and travel.

Sinn Fein's MPs do not claim salaries

The total cost of all of the UK MPs' expenses came to almost 86.8m, an increase of nearly 6m on the previous year.

SDLP expenses
Mark Durkan 130,294
Alasdair McDonnell 142,304
Eddie McGrady 127,638

The average UK expenses claim for 2005/06 came to about 131,000 per MP.

Up to 87,276 is available for salaries for researchers, secretaries and other staff.

Other allowances can be claimed for travel on parliamentary business, office costs, stationery, postage and computer equipment.

MPs representing constituencies outside central London can claim about 20,000 for the cost of staying near Parliament.

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