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Adams and Eames talks 'positive'
Gerry Adams (left) and Lord Eames
Gerry Adams and Lord Eames held their first public meeting
Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams and Church of Ireland leader Lord Eames have held their first formal meeting.

Afterwards, Lord Eames, who led a delegation of the four northern Church of Ireland bishops to Stormont, described the meeting as "positive".

Monday's meeting lasted for about one and a half hours.

Lord Eames stressed the need for what he called "full and equal participation in the structures of democracy with support for policing".

Speaking after the meeting, Mr Adams said he and Archbishop Eames discussed sectarianism, which he described "as one of the biggest blights of our society".

"It was a public event which, I think, sends its own very positive signal," he said.

"It was a very open, transparent, positive and hopeful discussion.

"Wherever there is a faith community they should feel secure and have their rights guaranteed on this island."

The meeting followed a recent ground-breaking meeting between Ian Paisley and Catholic Primate Sean Brady.

DUP said there would be further talks with Dr Brady
Ian Paisley held talks with Ireland's most senior Catholic cleric

Ian Paisley held discussions with Ireland's most senior Catholic cleric, Dr Sean Brady, earlier this month.

Mr Paisley, moderator of the Free Presbyterian Church, met the Archbishop of Armagh at Stormont.

Afterwards, Dr Brady described the discussions as "helpful and constructive".

Mr Paisley said they had "a very good and useful exchange of views across a range of issues". Both men shook hands.

The meeting came just two days before multi-party talks in St Andrews, Scotland.

Gareth Gordon reports on the talks

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