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Last Updated: Tuesday, 17 October 2006, 14:11 GMT 15:11 UK
Army declares suspect object hoax
Army bomb squad
The objects were declared hoaxes by Army bomb experts
Army bomb experts have said another suspicious object found at a DIY store in Londonderry was a hoax.

The alert was raised at the B&Q store on Buncrana Road at about 1215 BST on Tuesday.

It began after an object was found similar to six others which sparked an alert in the store on Monday evening.

Police later declared them hoaxes. There have been a series of security alerts at B&Q stores in Northern Ireland.

An incendiary device found at B&Q in south Belfast on Monday night was made safe by the Army.

No damage was caused to the store on the Boucher Road during the incident.

The police in Derry said the discovery of seven hoax devices at the store meant traders needed to be vigilant between now and Christmas.

Superintendent David Hanna said: "Staff training, and briefings from our crime prevention officer undoubtedly led to the discovery of the hoax devices and demonstrates the value of making regular and thorough searches of premises throughout the day, not just at the close of business.

"Staff at all retail outlets need to know what to look for when carrying out daily inspections of premises and stock, but need to realise that the appearance of incendiaries can change.

"Therefore, the most important advice for anyone finding a suspicious object, is not to touch it or examine it, but to contact the police immediately."

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