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Last Updated: Sunday, 15 October 2006, 15:25 GMT 16:25 UK
Crews tackle fire near gas line
A fire next to Ballylumford power station in County Antrim has destroyed components belonging to Phoenix Gas which cost 100,000.

The fire was in a prefabricated cabin which housed the components needed to supply gas to Northern Ireland.

Archie McKay of the Fire sand Rescue Service said they were notified about the fire very quickly because one of his crew worked at the power station.

He said the fact they knew about the fire quickly made it easier to tackle.

"There was a fire in an electrical switch gear cabin, which is part of phoenix gas's distribution network," he said.

"This fire took plart in a small cabin which is adjacent to the main pipeline which brings gas from Scotland to Northern Ireland."

A spokesperson for Phoenix said they were fully operational and did not anticipate any disruption to supply.

A team of specialists was investigating the cause of the fire, the spokesperson said.

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