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Last Updated: Thursday, 12 October 2006, 10:16 GMT 11:16 UK
Paisley and O'Loan in public row
Nual O'Loan
Nuala O'Loan was concerned about comments about her children
DUP policing board member Ian Paisley Junior and Police Ombudsman Nuala O'Loan have been involved in a public row.

The incident happened in a Belfast coffee shop when Mr Paisley was approached by Mrs O'Loan.

The ombudsman is understood to have voiced concerns about alleged comments made by Mr Paisley about her children.

Mr Paisley has in the past queried her ability to remain independent as she is married to a nationalist councillor.

Mrs O'Loan's husband is SDLP North Antrim councillor Declan O'Loan.

The Ombudsman's office has declined to comment other than to say that an incident did take place and that there was a discussion that may have included comments made about her children.

They said her son, with whom she was eating at the time, did not get involved.

Mr Paisley and Mrs O'Loan have both described the incident as "unprofessional and undignified".

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