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Last Updated: Friday, 29 September 2006, 13:06 GMT 14:06 UK
Warning as sex offender absconds
Redpath left his approved accommodation recently
Redpath left his approved accommodation recently
A high risk convicted sex offender who poses a serious threat to children is on the run in Northern Ireland.

The PSNI have warned the public not to approach Paul Hunter Redpath, 35, originally from Scotland. He has gone missing from approved accommodation.

The police said Redpath failed to comply with his probation conditions and urged him to give himself up.

Redpath was jailed for a total of three years for indecent assault and unlawful carnal knowledge of a girl under 14.

He was also given a three year probation term, ordered to sign the sex offenders' register for life and disqualified indefinitely from working with children.

There are certain features associated with this case where we think he poses a greater risk when he is using, or abusing, alcohol
Chief Superintendent Andy Baillie

Redpath, who is orginally from Stranraer, is described as 6ft 2ins tall, thin, with blue eyes and a fair complexion.

The police said he posed a "serious threat" to vulnerable children and young people.

PSNI Chief Superintendent Andy Baillie said he posed a major risk to children in particular.

"He is categorised as a 'level three', which is the highest level of risk," he said.

"There are certain features associated with this case where we think he poses a greater risk when he is using, or abusing, alcohol."

The former head of the Probation Service in Northern Ireland, Breidge Gadd, said a number of police forces would be actively looking out for him.

"If he is spotted he would be immediately arrested and then he can be brought back into custody and would appear before a court again for breach of the conditions of his probation order," she said.

"Possibly five or 10 years ago the police may not have issued this sort of general warning.

"But nowadays with the increased interest in, the increased anxiety about any sort of sex offender, they are more likely to do this in case they are accused of not warning the public if anything went wrong."

Police hunt for missing sex offender

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