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Carr look-alike claim 'nightmare'
Karen Meek
Karen Meek has been mistaken for Maxine Carr
A woman living in Coleraine has said she has been living in fear ever since being mistaken as Maxine Carr, former girlfriend of Soham killer Ian Huntley.

Brighton-born Karen Meek, 31, said she decided to speak out to clear her name.

Mrs Meek said her life had become a "nightmare" since she was warned of the threat by police two weeks ago.

"I met two CID officers and that is when they disclosed to me that I had been mistakenly identified as Maxine Carr," she said.

"Basically from there, my life has been a complete and utter nightmare.

"My husband's van has been damaged. We have had strange cars sitting outside our house, people coming to the door who we don't know.

Karen Meek
Karen Meek said her alleged look-alike status was a nightmare
"The police did say that you do get people who will take matters into their own hands."

She said: "The only thing similar between me and her is our accent - we're both English.

"Other than that there's nothing. I'm blonde, she's dark. I'm three years older and a much bigger build.

"From what I could see on TV she looked tiny. I'm a size 18, for goodness sake."

Mrs Meek lived in Edinburgh before moving her family to Northern Ireland in May last year.

DUP MP Gregory Campbell has appealed for Mrs Meek to be left alone to get on with her life.

"This has made her extremely vulnerable and nervous, she is presently off work and attending the doctor for treatment for the nervous disposition she now has," the representative for East Londonderry said.

Police said they do not comment on individual cases, but sources have confirmed that detectives have spoken to Mrs Meek.

Former school caretaker Huntley received two life terms for the 2002 murders of Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells, both 10, in Soham, Cambridgeshire.

In September 2005 the High Court ruled that he would spend at least 40 years in prison.

Carr, originally from Grimsby, Lincolnshire, served 21 months in prison for lying on behalf of Huntley at the time he killed the two girls.

She was released from jail in May 2004 and given a new identity.

Karen Meek speaks out


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