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Rock band to help victim's family
Gary Lightbody of Snowpatrol with Lisa Dorrian's sister, Joanne
Gary Lightbody has met with the Dorrian family
Rock band Snow Patrol has offered its support to the family of murdered Bangor woman Lisa Dorrian.

The Northern Ireland band will wear a "blue ribbon of hope" for Lisa during the Vital rock music event in Belfast's Botanic Gardens.

Lisa's sister Joanne contacted the band's website ahead of the gig to ask for their support.

Lisa, 25, disappeared after a party at a caravan in Ballyhalbert in February 2005. Her body has not been found.

Members of loyalist paramilitary group the Loyalist Volunteer Force are believed to have murdered her.

Snow Patrol has invited the Dorrian family to Wednesday's concert and will meet with them before it.

Joanne Dorrian said she hoped that the band would help raise awareness of Lisa's case.

"Snow Patrol have been good enough to accept our offer to wear Lisa's blue ribbon of hope," she said.

"We're just hoping that by people seeing them wearing it on stage it will raise awareness of Lisa's campaign and it will raise awareness of the website and people will just start thinking a wee bit more about what's happened to Lisa.

"It's a fantastic offer of support. We can't believe it."

Snow Patrol
Snow Patrol is offering support to murder victim's family

She said it was possible that someone with information about the murder could be in the crowd at the concert.

Snow Patrol singer Gary Lightbody is also from Bangor and Joanne said he seemed to be aware of her sister's case.

"Gary did ask how we were all holding up and if there had been any further developments so I got the impression he was aware of Lisa's story before I told him about it," she said.

Joanne said both she and her sister were big fans of the band and would probably have gone to the concert together.

"Lisa most likely would have been at the Snow Patrol gig tonight with her friends, just there to enjoy herself - that's the type of girl she was - and we probably would have went together.

"But she's not here today and I'll be going up there for her," she said.

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