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Flooded residents 'still unhappy'
Flood damage
About 160 homes were affected by the flooding
Some south Belfast residents are still waiting for repairs to be carried out after flooding just before Christmas last year, according to Sinn Fein.

The Housing Executive said it was in regular touch with the people affected and was unaware of any problems.

The Water Service said it was taking measures to stop the flooding in lower Ormeau happening again.

Sinn Fein's Alex Maskey said a survey of 60 householders carried out by his party showed many were not happy.

"It is almost nine months since homes on the lower Ormeau were devastated by raw sewerage and flood water," said the assembly member.

"To date, no government department or agency has been held responsible. To date home owners and tenants have not received adequate compensation and many are still waiting for the damage caused by the flooding to be repaired.

"Even more worryingly we have yet to be told how the government intends to ensure that this man-made disaster is not repeated."

The Water Service said about 80% of full and final compensation claims had been settled and negotiations with the rest of the claimants were still ongoing.

Flooding in early December
Rescue workers were called after the lower Ormeau was flooded

It said the Water Service admitted liability for the flooding and an investigation was immediately ordered. The results will be presented to residents in September.

The Housing Executive said it was "extremely surprised" by the results of the survey.

It said it had received positive feedback from tenants, community groups and political representatives following the flooding, and was not aware of any outstanding housing issues.

It said all the houses that suffered major damage were repaired within three weeks and Housing Executive staff had not received one complaint about this area of their work.

Crews deal with floods aftermath
01 Dec 05 |  Northern Ireland

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