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Last Updated: Wednesday, 19 July 2006, 21:08 GMT 22:08 UK
Firefighters battle gorse blaze
gorse fire
Firefighters had to deal with high temperatures and rough terrain
A blaze over an area of 20,000 square metres in County Armagh has been brought under control by firefighters.

The crews were drafted in to deal with the gorse fire at Slieve Guillion near Meigh on Wednesday afternoon.

Aidan McGuinness of the Fire and Rescue Service said firefighters faced "difficult conditions".

He said the terrain was very steep and temperatures were very high. The fire was reported to emergency services at about 1230 BST.

Mr McGuinness said: "The firefighters not only had to deal with the terrain, but they were working in temperatures in excess of 26C.

"That makes it very, very difficult, firstly to get to the seat of the fire and then working in those temperatures for a sustained period is very tough on them."

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