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More 'bullied' parents seek help
Depressed man
Ms Jaffa said family problems often stemmed from other worries
More parents are seeking help because they are being bullied by their adult children, a charity has claimed.

Pip Jaffa of the Parents Advice Centre said its freephone helpline was taking an increasing number of calls looking for advice, in particular from mothers.

Ms Jaffa said many of them felt "bullied, undermined and overwhelmed".

"Today, there are more young adults living at home with their parents than ever before - mostly for economic reasons," she said.

"Parents are very anxious about being confronted by their teenage children - suffering verbal and sometimes physical abuse.

"Often they are embarrassed to admit they cannot manage their child."

Ms Jaffa said troubles with work, money or relationships were often at the root of the problem.

"In some cases, parents fear that the wrong approach could lead their children to self-harm or suicide," she said.

Ms Jaffa was speaking ahead of the Parents Advice Centre's annual general meeting on Friday.

The charity's freephone number is 0808 8010 722.

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