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Last Updated: Tuesday, 6 June 2006, 05:24 GMT 06:24 UK
NI people 'top of the fizzy pops'
Children eating school dinner
Almost 40% of eight to 11 year olds have fizzy drinks every day
People in Northern Ireland drink an average of 122 litres of fizzy drinks every year, the most in the UK.

The statistics were revealed by NIO minister Paul Goggins in reply to a written parliamentary question from Democratic Unionist MP Iris Robinson.

The figures were provided by the NI Food and Drinks Association.

Earlier this year, US researchers suggested that having just one fizzy drink a day could equate to putting on almost a stone in a year.

"The 2005 Child Wellbeing Survey indicates that 38.4% of children aged 8-11 years consume soft drinks at least once per day," Mr Goggins said.

In the UK as a whole, people drink 105 litres a year, while the average was 109 litres in the Irish Republic.

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