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Polish doctor enjoying life in NI
Polish doctor Jacek Obrycki is one of more than 45,000 people who have come to Northern Ireland from EU accession states. He told the BBC that his experience of life in Northern Ireland has been very positive.

Dr Jacek Obrycki has been a consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the Causeway Hospital in Coleraine for just over a year.

Dr Jacek Obrycki
Dr Jacek Obrycki is enjoying life in Northern Ireland

He comes from Szczecin in north-west Poland, but has felt so welcome in Northern Ireland that he sees his long-term future there.

Dr Obrycki believes that, as well as friendly people, the country offers better career prospects than in his native land.

"This is a good place to live here, and (the) prospect of development, career and financial, is better here," he said.

Dr Obrycki who specialises in urodynamics - an investigation of urinary incontinence - was given a permanent post at the Causeway hospital in February.

He said the Causeway was recommended to him by a colleague and he feels he is making a worthwhile contribution to healthcare.

"As a medical person, our contribution can be very, very wide so it's quite difficult (to) explain what kind of contribution every single person, every single member of (the) team can give," he said.

I have never encountered any problems, always friendly people,
Dr Jacek Obrycki

"But for example, I'm doing urodynamics studies which is quite demanding and the waiting list was almost two years."

Despite reports of recent attacks on ethnic minorities in Northern Ireland, Dr Obrycki said he had never experienced any negative feelings towards him, either inside or outside the hospital.

In fact, it has been quite the opposite.

"My team was very supportive. I definitely got warm shoulder," he said.

"It's very important at the beginning to start with friendly people, with (a) supportive team and my (health) trust is investing in people which is good for me, for my future.

"I have never encountered any problems, always friendly people, so, I don't know, maybe I am lucky."

The Pole has felt so welcome in Northern Ireland that he is planning to settle in the province following his marriage next month to a fellow country woman.

"We've chosen our house and we've bought a house near (the) hospital and we will settle," he said.

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