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Ex-wife pays husband's crime debt
Assets worth 200,000 have already been seized from Warnock's estate
The ex-wife of a murdered LVF man has sold her home to pay 35,000 to the Assets Recovery Agency.

Stephen Warnock, 35, was shot dead in his car in Newtownards, in 2002, during a loyalist feud.

The agency gathered evidence that the proceeds of Warnock's alleged unlawful conduct had indirectly enabled his wife, Saraena, to buy a house.

The agency said the money came from alleged crime including "drug trafficking on a significant scale".

They said Warnock had been "a major supplier of cannabis and ecstasy".

Ms Warnock settled the case with ARA on 13 February this year at the High Court in Belfast and agreed to pay the Agency the sum of 35,000.

Assets worth 200,000 have already been seized from Warnock's estate. The case is now concluded.

ARA deputy director Alan McQuillan said: "Accepting money as a gift from those who have obtained it by criminal means is a risky business.

"The Agency was set up to go after such money and we will do that to the best of our ability."

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