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Last Updated: Monday, 24 April 2006, 09:54 GMT 10:54 UK
Loyalist to face further charges
Ihab Shoukri
Ihab Shoukri was charged with UDA/UFF membership
A prominent north Belfast loyalist is to face two further charges of professing to in the outlawed UDA/UFF.

Ihab Shoukri, 32, of Westland Drive was already on bail facing charges of UDA/UFF membership.

Belfast Crown Court heard that the Crown would no longer be relying on the evidence of the chief prosecution witness in the case.

Evidence from a senior police officer has been withdrawn. The judge said he hoped to start the trial next month.

Mr Shoukri has been on bail for almost three years.

Last month, the police alleged he broke his conditions by being in a bar where paramilitaries were meeting.

However, the judge ruled that Mr Shoukri was not at the meeting and had not broken his bail conditions.


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