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Labourer denies murdering woman
Missing woman Attracta Harron
Attracta Harron was last seen walking to Mass
A farm labourer accused of murdering Strabane woman Attracta Harron has been giving evidence in his own defence.

Trevor Hamilton, 23, of Concess Road, Sion Mills, denied killing her and told Dungannon Crown Court he never had any dealings with the retired librarian.

The 65-year-old mother of five vanished while walking from Mass in Murlog, County Donegal, on 11 December 2003.

She was found four months later in a makeshift grave dug into the side of a riverbank bordering Mr Hamilton's home.

During his evidence at the start of the sixth week of his trial on Monday, Mr Hamilton said he was "angry at being arrested" and questioned about the killing.

During defence questioning, Mr Hamilton told the court he had nothing to do with Mrs Harron on the day of her disappearance - or any other day.


He was questioned about his movements that day and about the burning of his mother's car, from which police recovered traces of the Mrs Harron's DNA.

He was also questioned about the various statements he made to police in which he admitted lying about being out in the car on 11 December.

Mr Hamilton said he was also mistaken when he told police that he had been to a friend's home in Castlederg that day.

"Well I was confused at that time, plus my mother was arrested as well," he said.

"You could say I wasn't actually thinking right."

The accused also told the court several times that he would have "no reason" to be anywhere near the grave site by the river.

He also denied and rejected prosecution claims that he had used a feed sack and blocks from his own garden to hide the pensioner's body.

Mr Hamilton also refuted suggestions that he had burned materials in his garden and set fire to his car to conceal evidence.

"I didn't burn anything belonging to Attracta Harron," he said.

Rosary beads

When asked by the prosecution to explain to the jury how pieces of Mrs Harron's clothing, bank receipts, rosary beads, plasters and prayer book were found at a bonfire site in his garden, Mr Hamilton said: "I can't answer that."

Then when asked if the pensioner was ever in his garden, Mr Hamilton replied: "No".

However, after being pressed as to how Mrs Harron's blood could have got into into his car, Mr Hamilton said: "She was never ever in that car with me."

However, he did concede that if Mrs Harron had ever been in the car, it was at a time when she was bleeding.

"I would say so, yes," he said.

The case continues.


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