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Last Updated: Friday, 31 March 2006, 06:15 GMT 07:15 UK
Ulster-Scots launch schools site
Teacher and pupils
The website will help pupils learn the Ulster-Scots language
A new website to help children learn Ulster-Scots is being launched at Stranmillis College in Belfast.

The interactive programme is aimed at primary school children and has been co-funded by the Department of Education and the Ulster-Scots Agency.

The agency's Jim Millar said it was the first step in introducing an element of the language into primary schools.

"We believe there will be a good take-up from schools that have an Ulster-Scots ethos," he said.

"We will be monitoring both the interest and feedback from teachers in order to extend and improve the materials over the coming years."

The website features specific resources for teachers to use, while there are interactive games and quizzes for independent learning.

It also features an Ulster-Scots dictionary where children can listen to the English and Ulster-Scots versions of words, while also comparing them with Irish.

Principal Jackie Morrison from Balnamore Primary, Ballymoney, has already introduced aspects of Ulster-Scots teaching in her school with approval from parents and pupils.

"For many people like me who are Ulster-Scots, this development will be very welcome as we literally were forbidden to speak in school like we did at home," she said.

"For our children to understand that certain words and phases are part of a language, and indeed, their heritage, helps them to feel pride while supporting their education in English."

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