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Last Updated: Monday, 27 March 2006, 12:58 GMT 13:58 UK
Legal system is undergoing revamp
Sir Alisdair Fraser
Sir Alisdair Fraser: "All part of making PPS more accountable"
The legal system in Northern Ireland is undergoing a major revamp.

The Public Prosecution Service is opening its first office outside Belfast on Monday - in Lisburn - and unveiling a first regional prosecutor.

The director of the service, Sir Alisdair Fraser, said it was all part of a radical shake-up aimed at making the service more open and accountable.

Sir Alisdair told the BBC it was important for the service to get its message out to the community.

"There will be groups which we will target - young people for example, people from the ethnic minorities and their representatives.

"And begin a dialogue so the community understands what we do and we are receptive to their concerns," he said.

New regional prosecutor Ronnie McCarey will oversee the work of nearly 90 staff.

He said the change will help make the service more open and accountable.

"We hope to go out into schools, into community groups, into religious groups, into groups representing various sectors of the community such as ethnic minority groups.

"We hope to speak to them and explain our position and how we go about our business and listen to what they have to say to us and take it on board," Mr McCarey said.

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