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Last Updated: Thursday, 16 March 2006, 08:58 GMT
Website gives window into NI war past
A website is currently being developed which will provide a window into Northern Ireland's war past.

The brainchild of the Northern Ireland Museums Council and the Nerve Centre in Londonderry, the site will feature World War II memorabilia which is held in Northern Ireland museums.

Images of WW2 will be available online
Images of WW2 will be available online

It will be launched in the autumn, and will feature objects, reminiscences and war images.

The site is aimed at teachers and pupils studying the effects of the Second World War in Northern Ireland.

In addition to providing photographs and recordings of veterans reminiscing about the war, it will include maps showing the locations of memorials, batteries, graveyards and airfields.

Briony Crozier of the museums council said: "Whilst there is a variety of websites out there on the Second World War, this will be the first focusing on Northern Ireland.

"It will enable users from all six counties to find sites connected with the war in villages, towns and the countryside that are near to where they live.

"The website will also enable users to 'unlock' information about authentic objects connected with the war that are held in Northern Ireland's 39 museums.

Teacher training

"We hope that the site will not only provide teachers and pupils with useful materials, but will also provide a respectful testimony to the courage of people throughout Northern Ireland who were affected by the war, and whose experiences are so important for younger generations to learn from and understand."

Marty Melarkey, director of the Nerve Centre, a learning facility, said they were delighted to help bring World War II collections in Northern Ireland's museums to the attention of a wider audience.

"Not only will the Nerve Centre design and build the website, but will also train teachers on its use through our Creative Learning Centres in Belfast and Derry," he said.

"Digital technologies and interactive resources like this website are a great way of inspiring young people to learn about the past."

The project has been funded by the Big Lottery Fund.

It is part of the Their Past Your Future, a UK-wide initiative led by the Imperial War Museum which has provided a wealth of activities marking the 60th anniversary in 2005.

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