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Psychic joins missing man search
Karen Kelly (left) with psychic Diane Lazarus
Karen Kelly (left) enlisted the help of psychic Diane Lazarus
The family of a missing County Down man have enlisted the help of a psychic to try to find him.

Martin Kelly, 21, from Holywood, was last seen at a bar in the docks area of Belfast on New Year's Day.

Psychic Diane Lazarus has previously been involved in attempts to find missing people.

Ms Lazarus said: "I know he's in the water, I just know he is." Martin's mother Karen said the experience had been difficult but worthwhile.

"If Martin is out there, and if she can find him, I would try anything to get him back," she said.

Martin Kelly
Martin Kelly went missing in Belfast
The two women set off on Monday from Pat's Bar, where Martin was last seen.

On the quayside nearby, Ms Lazarus said she has a strong feeling that Martin's body was in the River Lagan.

"He's close to a wall that's full of green moss. I just know he is," she said.

The women took a boat out onto Belfast Lough to try and establish a more specific location, and the psychic said she could narrow it down to two areas.

Ms Lazarus said she was convinced Martin was trapped in an archway beneath the water's surface.

Karen Kelly
I have to prepare myself as best I can that Martin might not be with me any longer, but he's always in my heart and soul
Karen Kelly
"What I'm visualising is a wall with a lot of green moss, but as you go down, it would be like an arch or a cove," she said.

She said she believed a dive in the two places she described would lead them to Martin's body.

Karen Kelly said she was clinging to the hope Martin was still alive.

"I still have a small amount of hope that he will walk in through the door - I have to have that, it's all I have," she said.

"I have to prepare myself as best I can that Martin might not be with me any longer, but he's always in my heart and soul."

Mr Kelly, a plumber and part-time barman, stayed on in Pat's Bar after his friends left and was seen leaving it alone at about 1910 GMT on 1 January.

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