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Woman 'in fear' following attacks
Jean Bunting's home looks across the interface area
Jean Bunting's home looks across the interface area
A north Belfast woman has said she is living in fear after a spate of attacks on her house.

Jean Bunting's home on the Crumlin Road - which backs on to an interface area - was one of several pelted with stones and other missiles in the past week.

Residents claim the attacks have increased, with one on Monday afternoon the worst yet.

Mrs Bunting's daughter Lisa Pilson said she was worried about her mother's safety.

"Your home's supposed to be where you feel safe, my mother can't feel safe in her home through the nationalist community throwing (missiles) over at my mother.

"I'm very worried about my mummy's safety and she's being intimidated out of her home which I don't think's fair on anybody.

"Anybody, on whatever side it is they shouldn't be intimidated out of their home," Mrs Pilson said.

The house has been pelted with a variety of missiles
The house has been pelted with a variety of missiles

North Belfast MP Nigel Dodds of the DUP said the attacks were "hate crimes".

"These attacks have been going on for a number of days causing damage to property and in one instance hitting an elderly woman in the face.

"They are purely sectarian in nature and designed to intimidate the Protestant community on this side of the Crumlin Road," Mr Dodds said.

The police said they would continue to monitor the area.

"Police have dealt with a number of disturbances at this point of the interface and others throughout the district over the last few days," a spokesperson said.

"This is not an issue that can be resolved by policing alone and officers within the district command unit are keen to meet with the local community and other agencies to work together to find a solution."

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