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Last Updated: Thursday, 9 March 2006, 13:48 GMT
Judge porn probe 'can continue'
Judge Curtin
Judge Curtin was acquitted of child pornography possession
The Irish Supreme Court has ruled a parliamentary committee can proceed with its investigation into the alleged misbehaviour of a judge.

Judge Brian Curtin's internet child pornography trial collapsed two years ago after it was revealed that a Garda search warrant was out of date.

His lawyers contested the establishment of the committee and an order for him to give it his personal computer.

The body is examining the arrest and possessing child pornography charge.

A motion calling for the judge's removal from office had been set down before the Dail and Senate, but was adjourned while the select committee - comprised of TDs and senators - was established to inquire into, and compile a report on, his alleged misbehaviour.

Thursday's Supreme Court ruling means the judge - depending on the committee's findings - is a step closer to being removed from office.

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