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Tourists caught in city violence
Apprentice Boys held their largest parade of the year in Derry
There were some disturbances before and after the parade
A tour bus carrying Italian tourists has been caught up in disturbances in Londonderry following the Apprentice Boy's parade in the city.

The bus was making its way past Butcher Gate toward the tourist's hotel when a police Land Rover patrolling the area was attacked with petrol bombs.

The bus itself was not attacked, but it is understood a number of the passengers were shaken by the incident.

Three people were arrested following the disturbances.

A further six people were arrested in the city earlier on Saturday for public order offences.

Petrol bombs were found in the Fahan Street area.

The main parade of about 10,000 Apprentice Boys and 130 bands did pass off without major incident.

Stay away

The parade followed separate trouble in Derry on Friday night when 50 petrol bombs were thrown at police.

The parade celebrates the the actions of Protestant Apprentice Boys who shut the city gates against the forces of the Catholic King James in December 1688.

Two stolen cars, one of which was hijacked, were burnt out
Two stolen cars, one of which was hijacked, were burnt out

King James laid siege to the city from until the Protestant forces of Prince William of Orange relieved the city in August 1689.

The Apprentice Boys and the Nationalist Bogside Residents' Group had appealed for trouble-makers to stay away from the parade.

Police said they were pleased the main parade was peaceful.

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