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Siege cannon back on home ground
Row of cannon
The cannon will be on display in Guildhall Square
After almost two years, restoration work on Londonderry's historic cannons has been completed.

An event took place on Friday to mark the homecoming of the final seven guns which were used during the Siege of Derry.

Resplendent on their new gun carriages, they will remain on display in Guildhall Square in the city before being returned to the walls next month.

In all, 34 cannons from the city walls were restored in a multi-million pound two-year project.

Cannon expert Ruth Brown
Ruth Brown was heavily involved in the project

The project involved an expert dating the cannon and establishing which foundry they were made in.

Some date back to 1590 and were used during the Siege of Derry.

Ruth Brown, an expert on historical cannon who was involved in the project, said: "My main task was to identify the cannon, to work out which of the collection was actually at the siege and which were the ones dated before and then to get the appropriate carriage for that cannon to go on.

"We had to look at a lot of contemporary sources, both models from the period, paintings from the period, books and drawings showing how the cannons were made at that time, we had to put all that together.

"But even when we had got that information, we then had to design each carriage for each cannon because they are not all the same. Each cannon is slightly different."

Dermot Harrigan said the project took years of hard work

Dermot Harrigan of Derry City Council said it was a "great day for the city".

"It's the fruition of three years hard work by council and their contractors to get these cannon restored to the specification and get them back to the city," he said.

"Council are very grateful to the Department of Enterprise Trade and Investment for their financial support.

"The link with London again is reiterated and a number of members from the London Guild are with us today."

The cannon will be on display in Guildhall Square until 20 May when they will be returned to the city's walls.

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