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Last Updated: Monday, 25 July, 2005, 21:44 GMT 22:44 UK
Loyalist row drives out residents
Dozens of UVF associates gathered in the Garnerville area
Dozens of UVF associates gathered in the Garnerville area
Removal men have been clearing out one of the houses in east Belfast where the occupants have been forced out as part of the loyalist paramilitary feud.

Earlier, a crowd of up to 100 UVF and UDA men gathered in the Garnerville area to prevent LVF members, who had been forced out, from moving back.

Police have also been present in the area all day, and say they have not lost control of the estate.

A woman who was moving out of the house said it was a "very difficult time".

A number of families left the estate, Glenlea Park, at the weekend.

DUP East Belfast MP Peter Robinson said those involved should take a step back.

We can only do something if there is a complaint or if there is an offence detected
Chief Superintendent Wesley Wilson
"The responsibility to enforce the law rests with the police and there is a duty on people not to take the law into their own hands," he said.

Chief Superintendent Wesley Wilson said police were monitoring the situation and were gathering evidence.

"At this moment in time, police are there both to deter any offences being committed and to reassure the public that we are there to deal with anything that happens," he said.

He said paramilitaries were not in control of the estate, which is near the PSNI's training college, and that police were not just standing by watching people being put out of their homes.

These fellas walked in and told everybody 'we are going to give you back your estate' - that's exactly what they've done
Estate resident
"We can only do something if there is a complaint or if there is an offence detected," he said.

"We haven't seen any offences today, otherwise we would have made arrests and we haven't received complaints from members of the public as yet."

One resident said she welcomed what was happening in the estate.

"Yesterday people were feeling very edgy because they didn't know what was going to happen," she said.

"These fellas walked in and told everybody 'we are going to give you back your estate'.

"That's exactly what they've done - they've got a lot of support here for what they've done."

'No trouble'

The police said they were called to the area after reports of large numbers of people on the streets, but there were no reports of any trouble.

A senior loyalist source told the BBC that UVF members went to the area on Sunday night and warned those with LVF links to leave.

Meanwhile, a fire has caused extensive damage to a taxi depot on the Ballysillan Road in north Belfast at about 0300 BST. Two other properties were also damaged.

A blast bomb landed in the garden of a disabled man's home in the Westway area of Ballygomartin at about 0400 BST. No-one was injured.

Two lives have been claimed in the dispute between the paramilitary Ulster Volunteer Force and Loyalist Volunteer Force groupings.

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