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Last Updated: Tuesday, 19 July, 2005, 05:42 GMT 06:42 UK
Agency job cuts 'kept to minimum'
DUP's Gregory Campbell
Gregory Campbell raised his concerns in parliament
Job losses at Northern Ireland's driver and vehicle licensing agency are "to be kept to a minimum".

It had been feared that work at the agency's Coleraine offices would be transferred to national headquarters in Swansea.

East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell last month raised concerns about the loss of over 400 jobs at the agency.

While Swansea and Coleraine agencies are to merge their systems, they said "most staff in Coleraine would remain".

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency headquarters and the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Northern Ireland said it was hoped that compulsory job losses in Northern Ireland could be avoided, "except for a small number of senior and middle managers".

Natural wastage

In a joint statement, the agencies said their "systems will be integrated to form a single UK-wide vehicle register" and job losses in Northern Ireland would "be proportionate to those at DVLA as a result of efficiency measures".

"It is hoped that by careful management of natural wastage and redeployment opportunities, compulsory job losses can be avoided, except for a small number of senior and middle managers," the agencies said.

"Most of the staff currently employed in Coleraine would remain."

The statement said it envisaged that the Northern Ireland motoring public would continue to use Coleraine for applying for vehicle registration and licensing."

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