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Delayed passengers in refund move
Easyjet plane
The Easyjet flight to Belfast was cancelled
Passengers flying back from Geneva to Northern Ireland have complained after they were charged for a flight cancelled by fog.

They were originally told they would get a free flight to Luton and then on to Belfast.

However, when they arrived at Luton they were told they would have to pay for the flight to Belfast.

Easyjet has now said it will refund the money. Passengers complained about a lack of information from the airline.

Many of them were forced to sleep on the floor of Luton Airport.

One of the travellers, Simon Cole, said when they reached Geneva on Monday, they were told Belfast International Airport was closed due to bad weather.

Flights get cancelled and flights get delayed, I don't think anybody has any problem with that - it's just the way that we have been treated
Simon Cole
Easyjet passenger

"They cancelled the flight and then gave us several options. One was to wait until Wednesday to come home, and the other option was that we could get back to Belfast today, taking any UK destination as the go-through point," he said.

"We chose Luton out of the list of options. Others chose Newcastle, Gatwick and Liverpool.

"The duty manager told us the flight would be free and we would get a free transfer.

"But when we arrived in Luton - after 3-4 hours of waiting to speak to anybody... we were informed that we would have to pay for those flights back to Belfast.

"Four of us are 600 poorer off now. We are disappointed by the lack of information when we arrived in Luton and no accommodation - we have been trying to sleep on the floor of the airport."

He said the passengers hoped to return to Belfast later on Tuesday.

Luton Airport
The passengers had to sleep in Luton Airport

"We were told the (Belfast International) airport was closed, but people phoned the airport directly and they were told it was open.

"Flights get cancelled and flights get delayed. I don't think anybody has any problem with that - it's just the way that we have been treated."

In a statement, a spokeswoman for Easyjet said she could not comment on the particular case, but that the company had done everything possible to accommodate passengers during the day.

The spokeswoman confirmed that Easyjet would be reimbursing Mr Cole and his friends.

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