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Poetry takes to the road
Poetry is going on the buses
City commuters can clock up on a little romance along with their bus tickets, thanks to the poetry going up on buses around Belfast.

Five new poems will be displayed on posters, weaving their way on bus routes throughout the city.

The verses, all penned by local people, offer a pause for thought to travellers in the work-a-day world.

The poems will be displayed on 125 Metro buses in Belfast.

They were selected from public submissions made to the Poetry in Motion project.

Among the selection of poems is one by Helen R. Eccles who writes:

"The driver gives me a smile. I toss it to another in the queue. It plays and ricochets around the bus."

Mark Madden, coordinator of Poetry in Motion, told the BBC News website it was one of the most popular projects undertaken by community arts organisation, New Belfast.

"Most cities of any size nowadays put poetry on their public spaces and transport.

"This is the fourth year that Poetry in Motion has run this initiative which helps keep poetry as a public art and brightens people's journeys," he said.

"These poems really do get noticed and we do get huge amounts of positive responses to them."

The transport company, Translink, is a keen supporter of the initiative, he said.

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