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Last Updated: Thursday, 12 January 2006, 16:50 GMT
Cats die in suspected poisoning
Police in County Down are appealing for information after the death of three cats from suspected poisoning.

Detectives believe the animals, who belonged to one Donaghadee family, had swallowed anti-freeze.

The cats died in what police described as "suspicious circumstances" during November and December last year.

They want anyone whose pet has died in a similar way to contact them. Poisoned animals may be listless, may stagger, may be disorientated or may vomit.

The police have urged people to be aware of the dangers of anti-freeze.

A police spokesman said: "While the police are treating these incidents as potentially deliberate poisoning, it is possible the animals swallowed anti-freeze accidentally.

"Anti-freeze is not only a potential hazard to dogs, cats and other domestic pets, it may also be hazardous to children. "

Anyone with surplus anti-freeze should dispose of it, said the spokesman.

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