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Last Updated: Thursday, 5 January 2006, 06:58 GMT
Family say attack was sectarian
The attack caused scorch damage
The attack caused scorch damage
A family has escaped injury in a petrol bomb attack in Londonderry.

The device hit the porch of the house in the Fountain estate causing scorch damage at about 2130 GMT. No one was hurt.

William Jackson, who was at home with his wife and three children at the time of the attack, said the house was also stoned at the weekend.

Mr Jackson said he believed they had been targeted because they were Protestants.

"We are a well known family within the Fountain," he said.

"Even the nationalists who stone us actually call us by name.

"They threatened: 'Jacksons, we are going to burn you out'.

"As long as they are only talking it and not trying it. But this, unfortunately tonight, is them saying they are going to do it sooner or later.

Mr Jackson estimated the family have been attacked 100 times
Mr Jackson estimated the family have been attacked 100 times

"But until then, I am prepared to stick my ground."

Mr Jackson estimated that he, his wife and three children had been subjected to about 100 attacks over the years.

DUP assembly member William Hay condemned the attack

He said he had been discussing the situation with the security minister and wanted improved CCTV coverage of the area.

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