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BBC Spotlight on death of Lisa
Lisa Dorrian
Lisa Dorrian's body has never been found
A television documentary on the murder of a young Northern Ireland woman will reveal details of a parallel investigation being carried out into her death - by paramilitaries.

25-year-old Lisa Dorrian disappeared after a party at a caravan site in Ballyhalbert in County Down on 28 February.

Police believe she was killed but their investigation has been complicated by the fact Lisa's body has not been found despite extensive air, land, and sea searches.

But BBC Northern Ireland's Spotlight programme reveals that loyalist paramilitaries from the Red Hand Commando and UVF have interrogated two teenagers about Lisa.

The two illegal terror organisations believe members of the Loyalist Volunteer Force, the LVF, are implicated and that drugs lie behind the crime.

The PUP politician, David Ervine, whose party is close to the UVF, told the programme he was in no doubt that LVF loyalists killed Lisa.

" I mean, the smart money says that it's a very tiny number of people and, if you push them hard enough, people will name them to you. So the names are being bandied about. Let's not kid ourselves."

Mr Ervine also says that the names of the suspects are known by the police and that they are linked to a family in east Belfast well known as drug dealers.

We want to uphold and support the human rights of everyone involved in this. That will not be done with parallel investigations from criminal gangs or loyalist paramilitaries.
Supt George Hamilton, PSNI

The UVF and Red Hand Commando are bitter enemies of the LVF which emerged as a splinter group from the UVF some years ago.

All three organisations have recent links to criminality, murder and drug crime.

Meanwhile, the police superintendent leading the investigation into Lisa's death has been criticical of the suggestion of an alternative investigation.

Supt George Hamilton said: "Loyalist paramilitaries and criminal gangs generally have no moral authority whatsoever and no legal authority.

"We want to follow due process, we want to uphold and support the human rights of everyone involved in this.

"That will not be done with parallel investigations from criminal gangs or loyalist paramilitaries."


Lisa's mother, Pat, says their family is willing to speak to anyone who can help them find Lisa but they don't want revenge.

"We'll just talk to anybody, but we don't want any retaliation and no comeback. We just want Lisa back."

The Dorrian family have offered a reward for information that can help them find Lisa's body.

Her father, John, told the programme the mystery is as great now as when Lisa disappeared three months ago.

"In all truth we don't have a clue what has happened.

"It's just as if she has disappeared off the face of the earth. All we have got left is memories, photographs."

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