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Last Updated: Thursday, 14 April, 2005, 10:20 GMT 11:20 UK
Pastor's home is attacked by gang
Pastor Jack McKee standing beside a broken window at his home
Windows were broken at Pastor Jack McKee's home
The home of the Belfast pastor and community worker Jack McKee has been attacked by a gang.

The front windows of his house in north Belfast were smashed and his car was destroyed by a petrol bomb in the overnight attack.

Pastor McKee said he had no doubt that the incident was linked to his Christian based taxi firm, Liberty, which was set up recently.

He also said the attack was linked to public statements he had made.

"Some group of men sat down somewhere recently and discussed my name and what they were going to do with me," Pastor McKee said.

"They found me guilty of something in their eyes and I kind of wonder what they found me guilty for.

Taxi with its back window broken
His car was destroyed by a petrol bomb

"Am I guilty for speaking the truth? Because that's what I do."

The pastor said he had brought jobs to the area with his taxi firm which was set up earlier this year.

Pastor McKee and his family were in bed when the attack on his home happened.

He said he saw three men running away, although he believes five or six may have been involved.

DUP assembly member Diane Dodds condemned the attack on Pastor McKee and his family, who she said had been involved in the community life of the area for many years.

"This is a disgraceful incident and is repugnant to all the ordinary people of the Shankill," she said.

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