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Last Updated: Tuesday, 15 November 2005, 16:04 GMT
Priest 'misconduct' claims probed
Church scene
The priest has been suspended from his duties
A priest has been suspended following allegations of misconduct against children in Northern Ireland, the Diocese of Clogher has confirmed.

In a statement the diocese said the authorities were investigating the claims, which are thought to be linked to alleged events 20 years ago.

The priest is now attached to a parish in County Monaghan in the Republic.

Bishop of Clogher Dr Joseph Duffy told parishioners he asked the priest to step down as a precautionary measure.

The bishop said because the case was being investigated and that a priest "like any other citizen has the right to the presumption of innocence," he was unable to give any more details.

Meanwhile, about 100 people have protested outside the home of the Catholic Primate in Armagh.

They were demonstrating at what they claimed was the victimisation of priests who had tried to alert bishops about child abuse by clergymen.

Archbishop Sean Brady was not at home during the protest by church groups.

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