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Last Updated: Monday, 14 November 2005, 13:46 GMT
79-year-old nun mugged on street
Nun attack scene
The nun was attacked on Pump Street
A 79-year-old nun has said she has been left "shocked and saddened" after being mugged near the Sisters of Mercy Convent in Londonderry at the weekend.

She suffered a dislocated shoulder after being struck in Pump Street by the mugger who stole her handbag and a sum of money.

She lay on the ground for about ten minutes before a passer-by noticed her and called an ambulance.

She said she was "sad" young people felt they had to do such things.

"Elderly people who have worked all their lives and have experienced like situations should be treated with dignity and respected," she told the BBC.

"I feel a great sadness that young people like this boy have to resort to such violence in extremes, and that it is especially the vulnerable and the old people who are such easy targets."

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