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Last Updated: Wednesday, 2 November 2005, 14:12 GMT
Focus on student area initiative
Holyland area of south Belfast
There have been problems in the Holyland area of Belfast
Staff from a university in Liverpool have visited the Holyland area of south Belfast for lessons on living in areas with high student populations.

The group examined initiatives put in place by the University of Ulster and Queen's University.

Some Holyland residents complain they have been plagued by the bad behaviour of students living in the area.

They say they are fed up with noise, drunkenness and rubbish from young tenants of rented houses in the area.

Katrina O'Neill, who lives in the area with her young family, said they could only offer the people of Liverpool moral support.

Holyland meeting
Delegates and local residents discussed community relations

"We still haven't really found any way towards an answer to our problem," she said.

"We can't really give advice because we are still here, this place is still a bad place to live."

At the beginning of the new academic year in September, Queen's appealed to new and returning students to "show respect" and allow their neighbours to live in peace.

Last year, at least four students from the University of Ulster and Queen's were suspended and 45 others faced fines following complaints.

On Wednesday, members of the Marybone Community Forum in Liverpool will examine initiatives developed by the University of Ulster, and Queen's.

The group, which includes representatives from Liverpool John Moore University, is being hosted by the UU.

About 2,000 students live in Marybone, where there have been instances of anti-social behaviour, excessive noise and litter.

Anne Monaghan of the University of Ulster, who organised the trip, said the UU and Queen's University were seen as leaders in the field of student-community relations.

"We have invested time, money and personnel in responding to anti-social behaviour but also in developing proactive initiatives such as the joint UU/QUB Monster campaign and the award-winning University of Ulster civic leadership project."

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