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Last Updated: Saturday, 29 October 2005, 17:06 GMT 18:06 UK
Thousands join in unionist rally
'Love Ulster' rally
Protesters taking part in the rally
Thousands of people have taken part in a "Love Ulster" parade in west Belfast.

Community groups, victims' groups, bands and members of the Orange Order joined the rally which began on the Shankill Road at 1200 BST.

Organisers said the march was part of a campaign for unionist unity and represented a "demand to respect the rights of the unionist community".

Victims' groups, some holding pictures of lost relatives, led the parade, followed by several bands of Orangemen.

The crowd walked to Woodvale Park where speakers, including Orange Order Belfast County Grand Master Dawson Baillie, addressed them.

Manya Dickinson whose father was murdered by the IRA said she felt it was important to attend the rally.

"I felt I had to come here to represent my dad. There are thousands of people here today... just to say that we are still here. There is still nothing being done about these terrorists," she said.

"No justice has been done for my dad. That is why I am here. Hopefully we will get justice for him."

Earlier this week, NI Secretary Peter Hain met the demonstration's organising committee.

Afterwards, Mr Hain said he had been assured the event would be "peaceful and dignified".

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