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Souvenirs in sepia
Souvenirs of the past in sepia
Two Belfast families have taken a sentimental journey into the past.

Jimmy McClarnon turned historian when he discovered a stash of postcards while clearing out his daughter's house.

They were sent nearly 100 years ago to members of the Cheddy family in north Belfast.

He met up with Tom Cheddy and together they looked at cards and pictures which safeguarded in sepia the world of their ancestors.

Each item was an important - and touching - link to the past, none more so than a Valentine's card to Tom's late aunt Minnie which read: "The sky is high, the sea is deep, I love you, so I cannot sleep."

Reading the cards has brought history to life.

"You are really looking at history - the intimate stories on the back and the photos," said Jimmy.

Jimmy McClarnon and Tom Cheddy enjoy their postcards

"The pictures of Belfast and the postcards tell you where people have been - in the Army, at Tangiers. It is really fascinating to look at them all."

For Tom, the postcards brought back memories of his youth.

"Whenever I look at my father and uncles and their life then, it is good," he said.

It will take Tom a while to sort through the collection of more than 200 cards - each one bringing him a little bit closer to those who have gone before.

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