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Last Updated: Friday, 11 March, 2005, 07:12 GMT
Action urged over birds decline
Corncrake numbers have been in decline
The decline of bird species will not halt unless awareness in both the community and government is increased, according to the RSPB.

The group has called for the government to start a wildlife education campaign "before it is too late".

Dr Bob Brown said commitments had been made to stem the dramatic loss to wildlife.

"There is no point having these laudable schemes that stand in glorious isolation," he said.

An RSPB/Birdwatch Ireland conference is taking place in Enniskillen on Friday.

Dr Brown, chair of the Northern Ireland Biodiversity Group, said people needed to "start making connections with the blue tits they feed in their garden with the extinction of corncrakes in the surrounding fields and the wider environment".

"Unless this is done, all the targets we set to halt biodiversity loss will be academic."

The All-Ireland conference is held annually to enable conservationists and the to exchange views about the environment.

It will focus on biodiversity from important habitats in Northern Ireland to wetlands in the Middle East and rainforests of Sumatra.

"Biodiversity itself receives so little press," said Dr Brown.

"What is essentially the wealth of wildlife that supports man and inhabits the planet is frequently dismissed as an optional extra on our lifestyles."

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