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Last Updated: Tuesday, 15 February 2005, 07:04 GMT
Rolling Stone gathers canvas
The art of Ronnie Wood is to come to Belfast
A portrait of music legend John Lennon by rock veteran Ronnie Wood is to go on display in Belfast.

The piece is one of a number in an exhibition of the Rolling Stone's artwork unveiled on Tuesday.

The touring exhibition, at the Tom Caldwell Gallery on Lisburn Road, has already been to New York and Hong Kong.

Best known as a guitarist, the rocker was born into a family of enthusiastic artists. The exhibition opens to the public on Wednesday.

As well as the former Beatle, who he knew when they both lived in New York, Jack Nicholson, Bob Dylan and Jim Morrison feature in the tour.

During the war, before the musician was born, the Wood family saw out air raids in a bomb shelter in the garden of their home in London.

His brothers, Art and Ted, would fill the hours by drawing, with their dad Arthur teaching them.

Ronnie Wood followed his brothers to art school and his first job was as a signwriter.

"I draw people whenever I can, in the studio, in the control room - when I get a bit of time I just do a quick sketch," the 57-year-old said.

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